Document Management

Improve Your Workflows with Document Management

With WJ Office’s Document Management solutions, you can optimize your office’s workflows and productivity. By integrating your office’s multifunction copiers and applications, they give you the power to streamline your document processes and complete tasks faster than ever.

To maximize your office’s productivity, improving your printing processes may not be enough. As electronic information becomes an increasingly important part of business workflows, companies need the ability to process, store, locate and distribute digital files efficiently. WJ Office’s Document Management solutions take the complexities out of handling electronic information.

Benefits of Document Management

Our Document Management solutions let you achieve:

Easier Compliance

You can tailor them to meet compliance for:

  • 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status
  • Other local, state and federal information guidelines

You can reliably prevent your sensitive documents from falling into the wrong hands either through carelessness or unlawful intent. You’ll protect your reputation and your profits.

Improved Productivity

Once you’ve scanned a document or received it from some other source, you route it to appropriate people or network locations automatically. Whenever you need a file or an important piece of information, you can find it with a simple search.

Reduced Shipping and Storage Costs

By enhancing your ability to send and save information electronically, our Document Management solutions reduces your reliance on shipping and storing paper records. In turn, this can lower your operating expenses.

Greater Business Continuity

WJ Office’s solutions help ensure that your desktops and other devices operate as a seamless whole. You can get more work done every day, both in the office and on the go. This can create new financial opportunities for your business.

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