Janitorial Supplies

Innovative, Environmentally Safe Ways to Keep Your Workplace Clean

With WJ Office’s janitorial supplies, you can eliminate toxicity, corrosiveness and other health hazards from your workplace. You can take advantage of environmentally responsible chemicals, forward-thinking processes and innovative tools.

WJ Office takes great pride in delivering innovative results to our clients. Careful education and diligent research are at the heart of what we do. This ensures that we give our clients the best available products and services.

Our janitorial supplies—and our Janitorial Services as a whole—are a perfect case in point. Our Eco-Clean division operates according to a “cleaning for health” mindset. We tailor our offerings to help you stay healthy and productive every day.

Available Janitorial Supplies

WJ Office's available janitorial supplies include:

  • Anti-contamination, chlorine-free multifold paper towels (for restrooms and other public facilities)
  • Soft, absorbent toilet paper (individually wrapped to minimize risk of contamination)
  • Two-ply, jumbo-roll toilet paper for high-traffic restrooms
  • Thick, durable can liners (highly resistant to punctures)
  • Environmentally safe disinfecting wipes
  • Soft, high-quality facial tissues (anti-viral options available)

Benefits of WJ Office’s Janitorial Supplies

WJ Office’s janitorial supplies have an excellent track record. They’ve helped clients in industries where cleanliness is absolutely critical. These include:


When it comes to reducing or preventing Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI), cleaning is the first and most important line of defense. We’ve helped clients meet CDC and EPA guidelines through the use of nontoxic chemicals and fine-tuned cleaning processes.


Teachers and administrators have enough to deal with every day without worrying about illnesses spreading. We’ve helped schools simplify cleaning processes and labor, which accounts for 90% of their cleaning-related costs. Our clients have become more efficient and confident in their decision-making with our assistance.

And by making it easier to keep schools clean, our eco-conscious products and services have benefitted students. We've helped keep kids safe and able to concentrate on learning.

WJ Office’s Floor Care

WJ Office’s Janitorial services also include floor care. We can provide you with a wide variety of eco-friendly products to keep your floors clean and good-looking. For more information, check out our Floor Care page.

To discuss how our janitorial supplies can give you a cleaner, healthier, more environmentally responsible workplace,