Coffee Service

Serve Up Great Coffee in Your Office and Keep the Productivity Flowing

Coffee makes an office a warmer, happier place, even if you don't drink coffee! You could almost call it "common ground" among workplaces near and far, large and small.
It's good for morale. It's good for productivity and it doesn't have to cost you more than 10 cents a cup if you buy it through WJ Office. For years, WJ Office has provided the most satisfying blends of coffee and tea along with the supplies and equipment you need to put that rich aroma in the air and great quality in every cup.
We know. We drink it too!

Where it Comes From

WJ Office has partnered with Alpine Coffee to provide high-quality coffee in convenient K-Cups and Frac Packs. The incredible selection includes rich Columbian and Italian blends for the diehard coffee drinker along with flavored varieties including Salted Caramel, Vanilla and Donut Blend. We even carry a great hot cocoa for the sweet tooth in your group. Alpine coffees are hand-selected by the company's founder and owner who has created multiple coffee farmer co-ops in various African countries. He has created these co-ops to ensure that every farmer who is involved receives more money for the coffee than if they sold to anyone else. In fact Alpine pays farmers up to 50% more than their previous buyers did. The farmers make more money with Alpine. They also get support needed to plant new trees and educate farmers on improved farming techniques which leads to higher yields. Alpine also helps farmers' children get new clothes and books for schools.
Contact us if you'd like to know more about the brewing equipment and service we may provide.

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