Managed Print Services

Maximize Productivity with Managed Print Services

In addition to our outstanding assortment of printers and multifunction copiers, WJ Office offers Managed Print Services (MPS) to help you get the most from your devices. You can understand your printer usage better, keep your devices maintained and refill your supplies automatically when they run low.

WJ Office’s decades of combined experience have taught us that having great equipment isn’t quite enough. To maximize your productivity, you need to know how to leverage that equipment. MPS employs state-of-the-art software that allows us to monitor your printer fleet and handle issues remotely. We’ll help you save money, put less strain on your devices and keep your focus on more profit-driving activities. VIEW OUR RECENT WEBCAST.

Managed Print Services cover all aspects of your printing processes:


We can analyze and improve usage on your printer and copier fleet. We can route print jobs to devices that can handle the workload best. Also, we can help you determine whether or not you have redundant or unnecessary equipment. On top of that, we can make employees take ownership of print reduction by creating a “Go Green” initiative for your office.


With MPS, problems with your printer fleet will be spotted and addressed immediately. We’ll schedule and carry out repair calls as soon as notifications arise. This will free up your in-house IT staff to concentrate on more important issues in your office. Seriously, check out our recent webcast on this!


As soon as your supplies run low, an ecofriendly cartridge is automatically shipped to you. You’ll receive them along with labels indicating which printer the supplies are for. In this way, MPS helps you avoid equipment downtime, which could potentially harm your bottom line. MPS can also eliminate thousands of dollars of cartridges in your supply closet for printers that you do not have any longer. WJ Office also has a recycling program that keeps empty cartridges out of our landfills. 

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