Multifunction Copiers

Multifunction Copiers

Enhance Your Productivity with Innovative Multifunction Copiers

If you’re looking to free up office space and maximize efficiency, WJ Office’s multifunction copiers are ideal for your business. These devices create new possibilities for productivity by combining the features of multiple pieces of equipment.

Keeping your workplace productive means having the best equipment. This doesn’t just mean buying the newest shiny gadget. Instead, it means having devices that will meet the specific demands of your business quickly and reliably. WJ Office has equipment that allows you to do just that.

Benefits of WJ Office’s Multifunction Copiers

WJ Office’s multifunction copiers give you several significant benefits. They include:

Outstanding Printing & Copying

Our devices have high dpi resolutions, which give you high quality prints and copies on job after job. You’ll be able to take advantage of highly efficient, Energy Star-certified designs. You can print dozens of pages quickly and use less power and fewer supplies while you do.

Scanning Capabilities

Our multifunction copiers also give you the ability to scan your paper documents to several digital formats. They can:

  • Reduce your need for filing cabinets
  • Capture and extract critical data for easier retrieval and compliance
  • Route files to network folders and cloud services with maximum speed
  • Scan both sides of a document for more efficient processing
  • Factory trained technicians 

Faxing/Emailing Capabilities

Once you’ve scanned a document, you can send it out quickly via email or internet fax as well. This will improve your ability to share information and work with others far easier.

Reliable Document Security

To ensure the security of your sensitive information, you can take advantage of authentication requirements, data overwrite and other highly effective security features. You can go about your business day and trust that your files won’t get stolen or compromised.

To discuss the innovative results that our multifunction copiers can deliver,