Water Coolers

A Most Refreshing Way to Keep Your Productivity Up

When we speak of productivity, we tend to think of things getting done. We know that requires a clear mind and a bit of energy throughout the day. Protein bars and snack attacks actually rate well behind good all-fashioned hydration. True fact.  The human body needs to be 80% water, and the brain alone needs to be a 90% water. Without it, you have a more difficult time keeping your focus on task and your immunity against disease up to the challenges of today’s environment.

Spring water brings additional oxygen and natural minerals into your body to assist metabolism. And since frequent trips to the mountains may not be realistic, we’ve pulled some strings to bring the benefits of pure mountain spring water directly to your office.  

High Country Springs bottled water draws spring water from the Blue Ridge Mountains, specifically from an area once known as Good Springs, NC. It is one of just 130 bottlers nationwide to have earned the most stringent water quality standard and “good manufacturing practices” in order to become certified. The water is filtered through natural rock layers and tapped from an aquifer just before it reaches the surface. It is filtered again at the High Springs bottling facility which operates under the authority of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (NCDA&CS).

Fresh, pure, mountain spring water and satisfying coffee are the most affordable benefits you can provide to your staff and visitors. 

Spring water is available in single-use water bottles and maintenance-free dispensers.

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