The WJ Way

The WJ Way is a benefit that our loyal customers have come to enjoy. They appreciate the fact that we’re are a local family-owned business that not only works in the community but also supports the community with our time, talents, and investment. The WJ Way centers around the golden rule — treat others as you would want to be treated.

  1. Put yourself into the shoes of your customer. Suggest the spending of the customer’s money as if it were your money.
  2. Respond to the needs of the marketplace as expressed by your customers.
  3. Treat others with respect whether they be customers, vendors, or teammates.
  4. Express appreciation to those whom you serve.
  5. Go the extra mile in serving others.
  6. Be honest and truthful. Realize that there is never one sale that WJ Office must absolutely have in order to be here tomorrow.
  7. Be thankful for all of your blessings.
  8. Love and serve your fellow man.

The WJ Way is flexible, we modifiy what we do to fit with what you need to accomplish your goals. Finally, partners that work within your existing process and systems.

The WJ Way also looks for ways that we can be different and better. So many times companies within an industry will copy each other in the way they do business. WJ Office looks for ways constantly that we can improve upon the status quo. Our sales processes are constantly being evaluated to make sure that we eliminate as many of the frustrations of conducting business with our trusted customers as possible.

We constantly test these processes because we know there is far more to the relationship than simply conducting business. We enjoyed your feedback because this allows us to become the best partner that we can be and we can also attract the best teammates in the marketplace to work at WJ Office because of these philosophies.

Learn How WJ Office Can Help You Work Better

In a company, different positions have different demands. Whatever your duties may be, WJ Office has resources to help you meet them. Check out these pages for details:

Office Managers

WJ Office’s wide variety of products can help office managers meet the complex demands of their position. You can stay stocked up on supplies easily, increase efficiency and keep your office clean.

Purchasing & Finance

People who work in purchasing and finance can manage their companies’ budgets better with WJ Office’s help. We offer discounted prices on outstanding office supplies and equipment.

IT Managers

IT managers can benefit from our diverse range of products as well. We offer solutions to help you store, protect, access and distribute your electronic files with ease. You can also have WJ Office’s staff monitor supply levels and address issues on your printer fleet. Not only that, we can provide you with a variety of technological products to help you get more work done.


WJ Office has products to help stimulate designers’ creativity. You can get comfortable, ergonomic furniture for your workplace. You can also purchase first-rate pens, markers, paper stocks and many other supplies quickly and cheaply.

Products & Services

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