When It's Time to Diversify Your Product Offering

By Neville Chaney

No matter how many years a business has been in operation; good, bad, or mediocre; there is always something its owners and managers must consider: business diversification. Now my definition may be different than others, yet whenever it comes to my attention, I tend to look at  with a broader viewpoint. In other words, one can add or delete products and services, but equally important are the changes that you can make in the way that you deliver them.

A Look at Our Tech Team

by Neville Chaney

Constant evaluation, constant improvement are two fundamental aspects of the WJ Office mantra. They have been for more than 45 years. For evidence of this, let me present some facts about our tech team, a group comprised of service techs, management, sales staff, and admin support.

Hope is Here

By Neville Chaney

How’s business? That’s a question that I have heard (and asked) during my 46-year business career over and over again. In times of 20% interest rates, the financial crisis of 2008, and the pandemic of 2020 there was truly a sense of “what’s next” in the answers that I received.

COVID and Creativity

By Neville Chaney

Covid and creativity. Those two words don’t seem to go together, yet maybe they do. Operation Warp Speed is the first thing that comes to my mind. Despite all obstacles, America was able to harness its resources  to develop multiple vaccines to protect us against this virus.  Not only was this done in  record time – but almost incredibly unbelievable time.

The State We're In

By Neville Chaney

Your workspace. Are you back to your office yet? Have your company managers mentioned what they plan to do when the vaccine ratios in your community indicate it is  okay to open the doors again? Or, will you even be coming back to the office? It’s been so very interesting to view the various policies among our customers.


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