Floor Care

Keep Your Workplace Clean with WJ Office’s Eco-Friendly Floor Care Products

As part of our Janitorial services, WJ Office can provide you with a diverse range of Floor Care products. We offer a wide assortment of products to keep your workplace sanitary and functional.

Day in and day out, foot traffic and other activity can mess up your floors. When they get dirty, they don’t just make your office look less than its best—they can make your staff sick and potentially lead to health code violations. WJ Office’s Floor Care products keep your workplace clean, productive and profitable.

Best of all, WJ Office makes it easy for you to protect the planet while you clean. WJ Office's Eco-Clean division finds and acquires environmentally safe products. You'll be able to keep your workplace sanitary without creating pollution or harmful waste.

Available Floor Care Products

Our eco-friendly Floor Care products include:

Vacuum Cleaners

You can choose from a variety of powerful vacuum cleaners. Our available devices have several innovative features like quiet clean modes and special lightweight designs.

Floor Cleaner

We offer floor cleaner from leading brands to keep your floors free from dirt and residue. We have options for a variety of surfaces, including unwaxed floors and tiles.

Carpet Cleaner

Our carpet cleaner can be used on wool, nylon and other fabrics. They deodorize and protect your carpet while removing soils, too. We also have spot stain remover.

Floor Finish

Our floor finish products dry quickly while giving your floors that shiny “wet look.” Some of these products also work as a sealer.

Floor Stripper

Our available floor stripper can thoroughly scrub the most challenging surfaces.

Disinfecting Wipes

We also offer pre-moistened disinfecting wipes that eliminate viruses and orders as they clean.

Janitorial Supplies

WJ Office also offers an extensive stock of janitorial supplies. These environmentally conscientious products have helped clients in a variety of industries stay healthy and productive. For more details, see our Janitorial Supplies page.

To discuss how our Floor Care products can meet your cleaning needs,