Contract Furniture

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Get Help from WJ Office’s Furniture Experts

If you need help figuring out your office’s furniture needs, WJ Office can provide it. Our Contract Furniture service gives you access to our expert team, who can help you determine which products can help you function better.

Details of Contract Furniture

Our Contract Furniture service includes:

Furniture Design

We take great joy in outfitting you with attractive, functional seating and workspaces. Our staff of designers will help you develop a customized furniture plan for your office. This ensures that our products will help you reach your business goals.

Furniture Installation

Not only can WJ Office's experts help you plan how furniture is arranged, we can help you carry out that plan too. Our professional installation services ensure that your workspaces are comfortable and let you focus on your work.

Furniture Repair

Whenever you have trouble with your office’s furniture, WJ Office’s team is here to help. We can fix your desks, tables and chairs if they get damaged.

Showroom Appointments

Have questions about ergonomic furniture and how it can improve your productivity? Make an appointment to see our showroom! You can demo products and get some helpful info on the benefits of ergonomics.

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Other Products & Services

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