Local Team

Local team with Best of the Best Award

Local Team

Our dedicated staff of professionals takes the attitude of working for you everyday as if each of them owned the business. This is evident with the care andattention that you receive with each transaction, no matter how small or howlarge. This culture permeates each customer contact regardless of the role thateach of our team members fulfill. We know it’s great for you to be able to deallocally with an established vendor, but we realize that we must EARN the right tobe your preferred supplier. This holds true for any of the four divisions that youchoose to work with us. Our team wants to be reliable, engaging, and helpful inorder to make your experience the best it can be working with us.


Nate Chaney

Furniture Sales Manager

Mike Gaddy

Business Development – Technology

Shawn Lautner

Business Development – Office & Janitorial Supplies

Josh McWhorter

Business Development – Office & Janitorial Supplies

Tyler Lonon

Business Development – Office & Janitorial Supplies


Neville Chaney


Max Bolster

Director of Administration

Deena Levy

Customer Service & Marketing

Warehouse & Delivery:

Dan Rood

Warehouse Manager

JM Trivette

Furniture Installation & Delivery

Derek Ward


Jerry Trivette

Furniture Installation & Delivery

Jimmy Trivette


Technology Service:

Brad Rambo

Service Manager

Tom Swartzwelder


Brian Kivett


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