Furniture Business Development Representative

Position Summary: This is a full time sales position. The team member is responsible for working with existing as well as new customers to promote all aspects of the products that WJ Office provides, however, the specific areas of focus needs to be with the office furniture division.

Reports Directly To: Sales Manager
Reports Indirectly To: President
Coordinates With: Customer Service, Project Management, Operations

Primary Duties and Responsibilities - How Often

  • Make sales calls - Daily
  • Attend networking functions - Ongoing
  • Build referral sources and strategic alliances - Ongoing
  • Quote new business and maintain key accounts - Ongoing
  • Use network of vendors and contacts to learn about projects - Ongoing
  • Create and complete accurate power point presentations - Ongoing
  • Maintain sales calls/appointments within the CRM system - Ongoing
  • Keep detailed mileage records to be turned in monthly - Daily
  • Identify new areas for revenue growth - Ongoing
  • Maintain sales quotas with minimum supervision - Ongoing
  • Be a self-starter and begin work on time - Daily
  • Be prepared to work weekends and nights as needed - Ongoing
  • Measure all spaces for furniture quotes - Ongoing
  • Complete all drawings for furniture quotes to ensure accuracy - Ongoing
  • Specify all finishes and fabrics with end user to complete quote - Ongoing
  • Contact fabric suppliers to ensure that accurate quantities of fabric are available - Ongoing
  • Get quotes from contractors on installation labor - Ongoing
  • Check national/state/GPO pricing to ensure compliance - Ongoing
  • Follow up on all sales with WJ’s automated processes - Ongoing
  • Prepare monthly sales forecasts for management - Ongoing
  • Ensure contractors fully understand layouts and components - Ongoing
  • Ensure electrical systems meet current code requirements - Ongoing (Systems)
  • Maintain strong relationships with appropriate decision makers - Ongoing
  • Return all voicemail/emails within 24 hours - Ongoing
  • Complete RFP’s, RFQ’s, and bids as requested by customers - Ongoing
  • Consult with vendors on the above to ensure accuracy - Ongoing
  • Maintain detailed project file (by company standards) on each project - Ongoing
  • Complete orders with signed p.o.’s and quotes, drawings and .sif files for purchasing department - Ongoing
  • Follow up on any outstanding work orders - Ongoing
  • Assist with collections when requested - As needed
  • Comply with company dress and conduct codes - Ongoing
  • Attend company functions - Ongoing
  • Attend sales meetings - As needed
  • Attend sales training - As needed
  • Customer follow up - Ongoing
  • Drive to prospect sites - Ongoing
  • Read industry journals and learn about our industry - Ongoing
  • Acquire and close new business with new customers - Ongoing
  • Create referrals to other specialists within WJ Office - Ongoing
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned - Ongoing


  • As pricing and margin expectations a learned and product knowledge improves, this position will have pricing and margin decision making within company guidelines
  • Concessions to clients or prospects to maintain client satisfaction and/or retain or acquire the business will be initially limited, but will grow as the team member shows an understanding of company philosophies.
  • Initial qualifications of customers and discussions with the Sales Manager and/or President will give the team member a strong idea of pricing margins, matrices, and special pricing contracts

Standards and Measurement of Performance

  • Monthly and Quarterly sales and gross profit goals as measured by customer billings of accounts assigned
  • Referrals to specialists (office products, technology, and janitorial) that result in good opportunities
  • New customers activated.
  • Call activity and appointments scheduled.

The Best Part of This Position Being part of the WJ Office team and with people who genuinely care about each other and their clients. We are a family friendly company and look at our “corporate family” as members to help succeed in their role within the team. We care about you as a team member and about you as an individual. We also, as a team, care about our clients and we want to make sure that we strive to constantly improve in our ability to serve them in every interaction.

Our Training Program Our training schedule consists of learning about the industry, the company, the marketplace on a macro level. Then delving into products and services, we train on product knowledge through working with customer service staff, reviewing catalogs and our web ordering system. You will spend time with our specialists so that you know what they are doing that is different from you (and those things that are the same).

Each person comes to the job with a different skill set. Some have had sales experience. Some have not. We assess your understanding of the selling skills that we use and then work to hone your abilities to create rapport, probe, present, and handle any objections to close as many sales and satisfy as many customers as we can. We not only have access to internal professionals, but our industry contacts and memberships give us access to many outstanding consultants and professional training organizations. We want for you to “be all that you can be.”