Business Development Representative

This is a full time position. We are looking for a person who has had some sales experience and for whom technology comes easily. We need a rep who has a high level of energy and can learn the products that we sell and see how they can benefit the needs of the customer while maintaining a positive attitude. This rep needs to be able to create relationships and probe for needs when speaking to a customer, while taking an organized approach. A high level of activity is expected and the continual use and updating of our CRM system is a must.


WJ Office was founded in 1976 and over that time has handled many different products. Today, WJ Office operates with four divisions – office products, office technology, office furniture, and facilities products. This position is for sales in the office products, facilities products and furniture divisions. Products in these divisions include office supplies and accessories, toner and ink, coffee and water systems, and some bathroom, kitchen, and cleaning supplies along with chairs, desks, files and bookcases.


WJ Office is interested in you reaching your potential and through your efforts. Thus, WJ Office can reach its potential and provide a level of product, service and support that is unsurpassed. Contacts with customers and potential customers may be electronic, by phone, and in person. Along with these activities, each rep must log his/her calendar and account notes in the CRM system. Training will be provided on products, services, and the use of technology within our company. You will need to know the operations of the products and how they can impact the end user.

This is not just account management sales position. This position will have some existing, productive accounts, but the many of the activities of this position will be reactivating accounts that have purchased in the past, but are no longer active as well as discovering new opportunities. Potential applicants should understand that your ability to earn a significant income will be dependent upon your ability to gain new business.

Prospect needs will need to be analyzed and the prospect will need to be educated regarding our products and services and why WJ Office can be the best option for them. The rep will need to be able to create and present the sales proposal that has been developed. We are looking for confident, energetic individuals that are willing to work hard and do the extras to earn more money. Successful candidates can earn a very comfortable living.

Meetings with management include reviewing call reports, evaluating prospects in the sales funnel and providing management with information on how they can help you close more sales.

What Else?

This position is vital to the health of our company. You need to have a dependable car. There is an auto allowance. You need to be professionally dressed. You will be representing a company that has a great deal of pride in its reputation for the last 40 years. You will be representing quality products and backed up by a professional team of outstanding individuals.

Does this sound like an opportunity that you are looking for?