What does the Thanksgiving holiday season mean for you?

Prayer, hope, depression, joy, frustration, dialogue. What does the Thanksgiving holiday season mean for you? For many it can mean prayers of thankfulness or hope. With all that is happening in our world today, we may think that at no other time in history were times so blessed – or disappointing. For those in California where their entire lives have been turned upside down you may see despair (from those who have lost everything), to thankfulness (for those who have been spared) to guilt (for some who may feel guilty that they have been so fortunate).

Depression is common around holiday season. Thanksgiving is the only “long” weekend that we are guaranteed unless we are not in a role where we must work during this long weekend. Many families plan their primary get together during this time, and it can be a joyous OR not so joyous occasion as we are around people (loved ones) that maybe we don’t see or are around as much the rest of the year. Old memories get revisited and sometimes those recollections may not be the same between folks who are supposed to love one another. Folks who have lost loved ones are particularly sad, especially in the first several years of missing that parent, that sibling, or even that child.

During this season, I would urge all of us to remember the good times. Remember that hope, love, and charity are all gifts that we can give each other. It costs nothing to show that you care and it’s one of the greatest gifts that we can give. One of my closest friends left this earth a few years back. I remember the person eulogizing him said, “some people make you feel better just being around them. John made you feel better about YOURSELF because of the way that he interacted with you.”

Make someone feel better about himself or herself this Thanksgiving season. Let them know what they have meant to you. Look for something positive to say. Let’s give one another hope, love and charity.

Still miss you, John-Boy. Every day.