Things Your Mom (or Dad) Didn’t Tell You

Stay safe. No, that’s not one of them. This one is coming from me. A dad, a grandad. Accidents waiting to happen have always haunted me for some reason. Frequently, I can “see” potential problems before they happen.

A good example is what I am seeing yesterday and today. For those who left their cars outside during the latest snow storm, their vehicles were caked with snow – sometimes almost frozen in place. As they drive around town on now dry streets that storm was a memory. The windows are dirty, but at least the snow is gone. However, what haunts ME is that there is 18” of snow perched on the roof. As the weather gets warmer that snow may melt. Hopefully, it falls off the side of the car on along the trunk or back glass. BUT, it could just as easily move in one big glob on to the windshield, blocking your vision and there is no way your windshield wipers can move that much snow so that you can see. None of us wants our story to be on the television commercial that Farmers Insurance has running. Right?

Another thing that your parents may not have told you is to be careful with what you sign. Make sure that you know what you are doing before you sign. One of our copier reps shared with me that one of our clients was considering a copier transaction with one of our competitors. We appreciate good competition, but sometimes the methods that I would not tolerate from one of our reps was used on one of our customers. He left the copier on “trial,” but in the verbiage that the person signed it indicated that she had one week to try the machine and if he had not heard from her in one week, she was agreeing to move forward with a purchase or lease of that copier. Would YOU sign such a document? Would you think that you were simply signing a form saying that they had delivered it? I would think that any of us would want to discuss the benefits, terms, etc. of the transaction – not agree to an outcome based upon no action on our part. Plus, he was asking her to sign this on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, so that “week trial” was going to be two days at most!

Next, periodically check your headlights. It’s amazing that when I drive at night it is seldom that I can get from work to home (about 4 miles) that I don’t see at least one car that is missing one headlight burning. From personal experience, I can tell you that you will never get a ticket that will make you feel more foolish receiving than when you get pulled by the officer and learn that a head light had burned out. Please, check it from time to time. AND, make sure that you turn on your headlights at night. Numerous times I will drive down 321 at night and someone is merrily cruising down the highway with absolutely no light burning! When you turn on the car, glance at your gauges. Turn the bright lights on and off. If they are not on, you’ll know it then.

Lastly, just remember, the windshield wiper on the driver’s side always wears out first!

There’s at least one more “reflection from the heart” coming in 2018, but that’s all for now. I hope that you have a good week and an even better weekend.