The State We're In

By Neville Chaney

Your workspace. Are you back to your office yet? Have your company managers mentioned what they plan to do when the vaccine ratios in your community indicate it is  okay to open the doors again? Or, will you even be coming back to the office? It’s been so very interesting to view the various policies among our customers.

The folks I have spoken with have told me they remain concerned about office culture and productivity. On the supply side, very few of the sales reps who call on us have been allowed to hit the highways. However, in recent weeks we’ve seen a couple. We’ve had several customers express interest in our air and surface sanitization technology which is quite understandable given the current situation with the pandemic. . Even though it appears the worst of the pandemic is behind us, there remains a significant level of flu cases, plus the threat of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and viruses in the places we work, live and breathe. .

We’ve watched sanitizing wipes be “as scarce as hen’s teeth” during this pandemic but now they are plentiful. The same scenario is with masks and hand sanitizer. As a stocking dealer we must be extremely careful with our inventory investment as supply in the marketplace can shift quickly and we can get stuck with expensive inventory as the prices can move down pretty quickly. Of course, the cost of other products is INCREASING as we experience shortages there.

Some offices have reduced their square footage and have sent staff to work from home. I see this being a trend in larger cities and certain professions. It has its risks, however, particularly if a person begins to feel isolated it can impact team morale, team culture,  and production which are all directly connected.

2020 has definitely made its mark on history in the office environment. All of us at WJ Office want you to know how much we appreciate your business and are here to help with whatever products that you need for your home office space or existing updates at your main office. You can count on WJ. Innovative Results. Delivered. Every Day!