Communication is an Essential

By Neville Chaney

Communication within your organization and with your customers during a pandemic is essential. If you are in management, make this happen beyond your direct reports. Find out what is happening in their lives.

Depression can be a result of these challenging times. When we discovered that we had a pandemic, few people thought too much about it. Previously, pandemics such as the SARS virus did not affect our daily lives universally the way that the COVID-19 virus has. PPE was just another acronym and many of us had no idea what it meant.

How long did you think this crisis would last when it began? My guesstimate was WAY OFF! Thought for the day: reach out and touch someone. It could be a coworker, a customer, a vendor, a fellow church member, or a friend. Drop off a treat at someone’s doorstep or business, if they have their staff there. Inquire about the challenges they are facing and the safety precautions they are taking. Take a moment to show someone that you care. You will feel better about things. I guarantee it!