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At Wj Office we want you to get to know us better.

We’ve created 10 questions to give you an insight into the people who make up the WJ Office family.

You’ll discover the people behind the imagery and be intrigued with who we are. You’ll meet the emotion behind our motion. And with each introduction, which we’ll be doing each month, it will make you want to read more.

10 Questions for Neville Chaney – President

1. What is your best childhood memory? 

5 Posture Tips for a Pain-Free Day

Mom was right to tell you to stop slouching and sit up straight. Not only does good posture make you look taller and more confident, it also increases energy, improves breathing and keeps your back pain free. Good posture ensures that you’re placing the least amount of strain on muscles and tendons. Whether sitting in front of the computer, standing, walking or lifting, always practice good posture.

Six Ways the Internet Steals Sales From You

The following article was written by author, publisher and entrepreneur, Michael Dalton Johnson

Work eight hours a day. That’s it. The rest of the day is yours.

You can get a lot done in eight hours. In fact, eight hours is an eternity. If you don’t believe this, fly coach for eight hours seated next to a crying infant. You’ll get a keen understanding of just how long eight hours can be.

Consider the time you devote to productive work as your “Golden Eight”—golden because time is money, especially in sales.

Eliminate Copier Waste

It’s a common problem that most business face: Waste associated with the use of a printer or multi function copier. In the typical American workplace, more is being wasted than we even realize, often times. The following information was gathered recently regarding typical workplace consumption:

The Beauty of the MFP

So, I made a cold call to a medical practice this morning…..”Hi Jim, my name is Aaron Petersen with WJ Office. I am calling to see if you might have a moment to discuss your printer and copier network at your practice with me and to see if we can get together to look at some of our time/money saving products and services”. “Thank you for calling Aaron, I did actually read the email you sent me the other week and I am glad you followed up. I don’t think that we have a need right now. We have two [enter name brand here] printers and a desk top scanner and that is working just fine.

Throw away your mop bucket!

Ok maybe don’t throw it away, but put it in storage.

In the microfiber age, traditional mopping is going the way of the tape deck or the tube television, its time to retire. For general cleaning, the process of physical removal is the most important thing we can do to maintain a healthy, clean and residue free environment. The products and tools we use can help us to achieve that goal, but no matter what the surface is, if removal is our focus, clean is the result.

So how do we remove?

Disinfecting vs. Cleaning: Do you know the difference?

Contrary to what Clorox or Lysol would like you to believe in their TV commercials, these two terms are not interchangeable. We see it everyday, where we live, learn, work and play. Admittedly, I have confused these concepts in my own life. Read the back of your disinfectant in your home, office or school and you will see what I mean. It most likely says something like this…

To Disinfect apply to a pre–cleaned surface and let sit for 10 minutes.


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