The healthiest water to drink: Is there such a thing?

By Jacqueline Howard, CNN (REPRINTED FROM CNN)

The science is clear: Staying hydrated and drinking enough water has health benefits.

Hydration can help lubricate and cushion joints, protect sensitive tissues in your body, flush out waste and keep your immune system and even your skin healthy.

Yet when it comes to bottled water, there are several types on the market: spring, purified, mineral, artesian and even alkaline. Is any type best?

What does the Thanksgiving holiday season mean for you?

Prayer, hope, depression, joy, frustration, dialogue. What does the Thanksgiving holiday season mean for you? For many it can mean prayers of thankfulness or hope. With all that is happening in our world today, we may think that at no other time in history were times so blessed – or disappointing. For those in California where their entire lives have been turned upside down you may see despair (from those who have lost everything), to thankfulness (for those who have been spared) to guilt (for some who may feel guilty that they have been so fortunate).

15 Life Lessons From Football That Shouldn't Be Overlooked

Everyone seems to have an opinion of whether we would want our sons, or in my case GRANDSONS, playing football. So much publicity regarding the dangers of head injuries from football (and soccer for that matter) make all of us weigh the benefits. Sports in general prepare us for life as do many other activities that we enjoy (music, drama, etc.), but as a former three-sport athlete and college football player, this article truly struck a cord in me.

The Pricing Dilemma

What’s your price? As you can imagine, this is one of the first questions that is asked. One of the leading office products manufacturers responded recently to charges that their  independent dealers were “up in arms” over the discovery that many of the products that they (and their customers were seeing online) were below the best price that their national buying group had negotiated with them.

“What are you paying for... ?”

Have you had this happen to you? A couple of attractive young sales reps (they normally travel in tandem) stop in unannounced and want to talk with you about your office supplies. The “blank” is usually filled in with “copy paper.” Then, they throw out a couple of other items, give you a couple of specials and see if they can’t get you to place an order. Pretty high pressure because they are probably getting a pretty healthy cut of the sale.


It’s hard to believe that this big 800 Pound Gorilla named Amazon began as an online bookstore that many did not think would create any sort of following. Now it has become such a part of our lives that some folks don’t feel that they could do without them. The question is, should it be?

10 Questions for Max Bolster

1. What is your best childhood memory?
When I was a kid I used to spend summers at my grandparent’s home in the desert of Southern California. I would help my grandfather water his plants every morning before it got too hot. During the day I would play outside until I couldn’t take the heat anymore. I would go inside to cool off & my grandmother would give me some icecold sun tea. Then I would go back outside again.

Reflections - After 40 years

“The one thing that we can count on is change.” I don’t know who said that but for me and my career in business, nothing could be more valid. I entered this industry when electric typewriters were still being used and just after IBM introduced the Correcting Selectric element based typewriter. Office supplies were ordered from a catalog and a door-to-door sales rep. No one had ever heard of “ergonomic furniture” and most of the copiers in businesses used electrostatic paper. Only the largest businesses had computers and they were leased (not owned) from IBM.


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