Hand-Washing Technique To Keep You Healthy

Back to Basics - How to Keep Your Hands Clean 

While it may be difficult to keep your concerns over the COVID-19 virus situation from disrupting your normal routine, it's actually easier to do something about it than you may think. Thorough hand-washing as outlined in this video from Consumer Reports is an excellent way to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus as well as common colds, flue and other infections. Click here to view the video. 




For immediate release:  HP announces that WJ Office, with headquarters in Boone, NC, has been recognized as an authorized dealer for HP’s MPS PREMIER PRINT PARTNER PROGRAM and has completed all of the requirements for being able to serve its clients and prospective clients with all of the copiers and printers that HP offers.

The “Premier” designation is HP’s highest level of authorization and requires both sales and service training by the dealership’s representatives.


The View From The WJ Office In Winston-Salem

Isn’t it fun to look at the milestones of your life (or your business). As I get older, I’m finding that I can realize better that “hey, this is another milestone” than I did in my youth. Winning the state championship in baseball as a 14-year old pitcher/outfielder and then repeating it as a 15-year old is a memory that I cherish. There are so many details that come back into focus along with the emotions. Signing the paperwork which gave me a football scholarship to Wake Forest back in 1969 was a milestone and a dream come true.

National Small Business Week May 5-11

-By Neville Chaney

It’s always interesting to see the credit card companies and other entities celebrate this week each year. As I read those articles, I wonder how many folks who are in larger businesses or who work in small businesses like mine actually THINK about the impact that small business has on our way of life and on our economy.

The healthiest water to drink: Is there such a thing?

By Jacqueline Howard, CNN (REPRINTED FROM CNN)

The science is clear: Staying hydrated and drinking enough water has health benefits.

Hydration can help lubricate and cushion joints, protect sensitive tissues in your body, flush out waste and keep your immune system and even your skin healthy.

Yet when it comes to bottled water, there are several types on the market: spring, purified, mineral, artesian and even alkaline. Is any type best?


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